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Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Citizen is now available at GREENVISA LTC

Four Steps To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival For US Citizen

Since February 1st, all of Americans can get a visa online for Vietnam that is great newѕ for US citizen trying to get Vietnam electronic visas (e-visa). The US is amongst the 192 countries eligible for this e-viѕa.



In November 2016, Vietnam’s National Assembly have approved the two-year plan for foreign visitors to apply for e-visa. The policy allows traveler frоm differеnt region to conveniently apply for 30-day, single-entry e-viѕas for your non-refundablе application fеe through governmental and nongovernmental companies.


With the purpose of increasing in more foreign tourists particularly traveler from US, the country’s Congress finally agreed to relax visa procedures as well as enhance many infrastructures nationwide for tourist’s increased experiences and conveniences.

To get Vietnam Visa online, US citizens can access to the website of - A global company in affordable - traveling agency specializing in several traditional services at Vietnam International Airport for citizens of foreign countries over the globe.


US citizen can find more information about Vietnam visa on arrival at

With Greenvisa you can get a visa on arrival by passing four simple steps procedure:

Step 1: applicants have to fill out an online form and choose the preferred visa options. Some information is fundamental such as personal info, number of the applicant(s), expectations of travel, type of visa, proposed time of visiting, and arrival airport. Another way to proceed in the visa application is providing GreenVisa team with a recent image and passport copy in their email:


Step 2: people to settling the payment online and receiving confirmation through email after filling the information needed. Payment can be charged by Paypal, Mastercard or Visa/debit card only in case of successful applications.

Step 3: after settling the payment, one visa approval letter would be directly processed, normal in two working days or less based on the selected options. Once the paper is approved, it then would be scanned and sent to the customer provided email as a first legal document to pass the airport customs.


The final step occurs when tourist arrives at the airport. Vietnam’s airport customs will first approve the Visa Approval letter while GreenVisa staff will pick the tourist up and escort them to the Vietnam Immigration Department to get Visa Stamped. Travelers before arriving at the airport should prepare some required items in term of visa stamping fee and two standard 4x6 cm colored photo.

In all cases, Visa is considered the requirement for international guests whenever determining to visit Vietnam and US nation citizen now can either decide to apply for visa via Vietnam embassy USA in the host country or visa online.


However, disadvantages arise because of the lengthy processing and different costs at distinctive Vietnam Embassies not to mention the far distance people staying far from Vietnam embassy may face due to the present of only one embassy in one country.

In conclusion, with visa on arrival service at that is the most convenient way to get your Vietnam visa. The approval for Vietnam Visa on Arrival US Citizen is a great opportunity for people in America to visit the simplicity yet beautiful country with such unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes and delicious cuisines easier and more convenient.

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